Fall 2023 Classes online now!

Fall 2023 Classes online now!

Ready to start your sommelier journey? Looking to know more about wine? CAPS Atlantic is starting the next session of our introductory module Sensory Development and Wine Styles for Fall 2023!

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The ability to assess the value and character of a wine is essential to a successful Sommelier. In this module, each successful participant will; develop your palate, your ability to discern quality and value and your ability to evaluate wines by: colour, weight, alcohol, taste, flavour, texture, complexity and finish. Learn to recognize poor quality, wine faults and spoilage; learn what causes the taint and explore possible corrective actions. Learn to recognize wines by style and taste profile in order to judge varietal typicity. Finally, become familiar with various strategies for pairing wine and food and get exposure to wine service skills.

Example of Syllabus of Course Content - final syllabus will be provided by Instructor at first class. Dates are still TBD but this was our syllabus from the winter semester for reference.

Class #1  – Sensory Analysis of Wine, Introduction to Wine Service (Alana)

Class #2  – Influence of Viticulture and Viniculture on Wine Analysis 1 (Simon)

Class #3  – Influence of Viticulture and Viniculture on Wine Analysis 2 (Simon)

Class #4  – Midterms – White Wine Styles 1 (Mark)

Class #5 – White Wine Styles 2 (Mark)

Class #6 – Red Wine Styles 1 (Mark)

Class #7 – Red Wine Styles 2 (Mark)

Class #8 – Sparkling Wine Styles (Carman)

Class #9 – Rosé and Skin Contact Wines / Food and Wine Pairing (Alana)

Class#10 –  Sweet & Fortified Wine Styles (Carman)

Class #11  – Final Exams (Mark)

 Course Evaluation:

  • 30% - Midterm (Written: 20%; Blind tasting: 10%)
  • 60% - Final exam (Written: 40%; Blind tasting: 20%)
  • 10% - Research project & Presentation (due day of presentation)